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Why Belted Galloway Beef?

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In doing our research we have found Belted Galloway Beef to meet the needs of not only the health conscious aspect of our society but our taste buds as well.

In a nutshell, Belted Galloway Beef has proven to be

  • Tender
  • Good marbling, especially in the more mature animals
  • Flavoursome – some even say sweet depending on the age
  • A naturally leaner beef as they do not need to store subcutaneous fat.  About 1% saturated fat with a total fat average content of about 2%.
  • A higher ration of Omega 3 to Omega 6
  • On average - 46% lower in calories

    • 72% lower in fat calories
    • 68% lower in total fat
    • 69% lower in saturated fat
    • 57% lower cholesterol
    • 19% higher in Protein
    • 67% higher in Calcium
    • 73% higher in Niacin

At this point in time, Australia is only small in its production of Belted Galloway Beef but it has still managed to do well in Carcase and Beef competitions around the country against more prolific cattle breeds.   The United States have been able to do more studies due to their much higher numbers so if you are interested, you can go http://beltie.org/statistics-on-beltie-beef.php for more nutritional information and  health benefits of Belted Galloway Beef.

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