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We were fortunate to do a trip Buenos Aires where I did a wish list visit to the world renowned Recoletta Cemetary. By chance we came across Nikolas who has a small tour guide company  He is an absolute wealth of knowledge and I can highly recommend him.

We are extremely happy with Ross who has been doing our website since 2010 and has always been very helpful, prompt with updates/changes and very affordable.
Jo & Tony, Bonnibelt Stud.

We have been dealing with Tony at Southern Tanners  since we got our first hide tanned around 2004.  Tony does an amazing job on the  hides and we have had compliments from all over the world on his tanning  skills.  We have found Tony very helpful and accommodating with the processing  of our hides and can highly recommend him.
Jo  & Tony, Bonnibelt Stud.

In Victoria last month on a local radio show they had a best cattle breed battle  and the Belties won (WOOHOO!!!!) - it went on votes.


Along with another Belted Galloway hide, Ingrid has utilised one of our hides in her unique sculpture that is featured in her solo exhibition ANOMIE, incorporating Sculpture, Installation, Drawing and Painting that she has been creating over the last 3 years in Jenolan NSW.

/def: in  societies or individuals, a condition of instability resulting from a breakdown  of standards and values or from a  lack of purpose or ideals

The exhibition is at the Defiance Gallery in Paddington, Sydney and runs from the 20th November through to the 14th December and promises to be very interesting.
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