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Photo Gallery

A fine bunch of Belted Galloway bums.jpg
Belted Galloway calf cooling down.jpg
Belted Galloway calves - Lara
Belted Galloway cross cow being the crèche mum for the day.jpg
Belted Galloways marching off .jpg
Belted Galloways still do well in the dry.jpg
Belted Galloways, Bonnibelt Zimri with Edgar.jpg
Black Belted Galloway calf with her friends.jpg
Black Belted Galloway mum with her red Belted Galloway calf.jpg
Bonnibelt Barbie looking after her Belted Galloway calf and Bella
Bonnibelt Cutee
Bonnibelt Lara with her belted  galloway babies.jpg
Our first Belted Galloway black panda with her red panda calf.jpg
Our first dun Belted Galloway.jpg
Our red Belted Galloway bull, Tarquin sitting down on the job.jpg
Part of our Belted Galloway mob around our tiny dam.jpg
Red Belted Galloway hiding amongst the dry grass.jpg
Red Belted Galloway mum with calf.jpg
Red Belted Galloways.jpg
Some of our red Belted Galloway
The picture of cuteness.jpg
Some of our Damara cross herd.jpg
What a lovely bunch of Belted  Galloway Bums with text.jpg
Granny and her triplets 2019.jpg
Horny Goat with some of his  lambs.jpg
Lamb in Hay.jpg
our new rams.jpg
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