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Our Beef and Lamb Sales

MSA accreditation number 572R

As mentioned in our About Us page, our farm gate beef sales started in 2004 utilising a small herd of Stud Belted Galloways and commercial beef cows and a Black Belted Galloway bull followed by Red Belted Galloway bulls.

Our aim was to get people eating tasty, tender, naturally lean beef at a price that is affordable to all.   It has not been difficult once people tasted the Belted Galloway meat.  In the early days we found people had some difficulty in believing that a good looking cow could also provide fantastic beef...

All our beef are breed, born and raised on our property.  As we are in marginal country, we do not have the capacity to ‘finish off’ our animals as some do to the age of 18 months to 2 years.  Our guys are sent off at between 11 to 12 months of age.  We and our clients have found this to work out well with tenderness, flavour and the amount of beef they get.  As a result, we do not have an endless supply of beef as it takes about 2 years for conception to culinary delight.  In 2014 to 2015, we dropped our breeding numbers so we could establish perennial pastures but are now slowly building them back up again.  

On average, the animals that go off at 11 to 12 months can weigh between 150 to 220 kgs dressed weight depending on whether they are a full or a beltie cross.  Dressed weight is the carcase weight as it hangs on the hook.  So really, it is when the animal is undressed, no hat, shoes or coat etc.  And yes, dressed weight does include the bones.

We do not slaughter on our farm but utilise the services of a local butcher, Males Meats of Mannum where they are able to hang our beef for a minimum of 10 days which aids in the tenderising process.  We have a quality control process in place and a good working relationship with our butcher who checks how every carcase presents, eg, beef colour, fat covering and marbling.  We also get 2 small pieces of Rump to look at, cook up and compare.  As a result, we have tasted well over 200 of our animals; hence our red gene preference.

As mentioned, our beef is sold directly to the public as Sides or Mixed Quarters.  A Mixed Quarter is half the Forequarter and half of Hindquarter, equalling half a side in all the beef cuts but without all the extra weight or bulk.  We have found this to be especially great for couples, people on low incomes or those who have limited freezer space.  We organise the assignments of clients to animals and provide a cut up chart and a beef cuts information sheet.  And for those that are still unsure – we are only as far away as the phone.   

Whilst we are still taking orders for new clients, we like to be able to supply our regular customers first so there may be a little bit of a wait.  Please feel free to contact us at contactus@bonnibeltstud.com.au and we will be able to give you an update on what is available and when.

Since 2009, we have branched out into the sale of lambs using the same processes as we do for our beef and this is proving to be very popular.

Due to the extreme lack of rainfall and poor fodder productivity couple with the ever increasing cost of hay, we have been left with no choice but to increase the price of our beef and lamb  All prices are on dressed weights and as at the 13th September 2018, our Sides of Beef will be $9.50 a kg, Mixed Quarters will be $9.70.  This still includes all cuts from Mince to Roasts, Sausages to Schnitzels, Corn Meat to Steaks and whatever else is in between.  Lay-by plans can still be organised for those that are on a budget but still wish to have good quality beef.

Lambs will be $9.30 a kg dressed weight and this is the same price whether it is a whole lamb or a side.  There are times when we may have mutton or hoggets and these are priced at $8.30 a kg.

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