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Not So Perfect Hide Sales

Hide Sales
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Our Not So Perfect Belted Galloway Hides are mainly those that don't have that perfect belt or have just a uniquieness about them that makes them special and our dear tanner has talked us into getting some of the imperfect beltie hides done as in his words "The hair on the hides are fantastic and it just makes them a bit more unique. You may be quite surprised". And we have been! So you never know what may pop up here that is 'that bit different'.

There are also a few that have been damaged due to the abattoir processing.

Once going through the available hides, if you would like more photos and information regarding the hair or where the nicks/holes are or any other damage, please contact us at and we will only be too happy to reply.

Prices below are in Australian Dollars - currency converter - for indication purposes only of the prices - at the bottom of the page.

So far we have exported our hides to  New Zealand, Scotland and the USA.

Please remember, prices do include GST.  Postage to most  (not all) Australian mainland addresses is also included. When exporting  overseas, our 10% Australian GST will be taken off and your postage and  insurance will need to be added. You will also be responsible for any GST that maybe incurred if you do not live in Australia along with any of your own countries custom's fees.  Postage prices will vary due to weight and country and can be organised on application. There will be no charge for handling  costs.

Nationally, we accept payment by Cash or via Direct Deposit whilst internationally, we accept payment via Direct Deposit (this will incur a $20 handling fee) or through Western Union or similar.

We have more hides being processed throughout the year and as they come in we will be add them to the site. Please note that as at the 1st January 2016, there unfortunately, has been a large price rise. Apart from the normal increasing costs, the tanner has been hit with a new 'effluent' cost from his local council. You will note that this price increase will only affect any new hides from 2016 on.

#57 This winter Target hide could almost be called a Bullseye hide! He is rather special and absolutely glorious. He has long curly hair with some belly hair, even longer.

Length 170 cms
Girth 141 cms
Front legs 121 cms
Back legs 192 cms
Sold to New Zealand

#26 Is a very rich Red and White Belted Galloway hide with a belt that thins to almost a non-existent line in the middle. It has lovely soft curly hair. It has a few small thinned patches that are difficult to see and a bald patch on the right girth.

Length 220 cms
Girth 161 cms
Front legs 162 cms
Back legs 193 cms

Price $560

#42 This Belted Galloway never really got his belt, but his markings were different enough for us to get him tanned. The hide has straight medium length hair with longer belly hair.

Length 205 cms
Girth 180 cms
Front legs 150 cms
Back legs 210 cms
Sold in Australia


#33 Damaged. This is a summer hide that was not to be tanned due to him moulting, however, he somehow slipped through the system at the abattoir and was processed before we knew it. He still would make a nice rug in the kid's or adult's play room or the men’s shed.
He has shorter hair with a slight UV silver tinge to the white and hair loss mainly on the right shoulder and neck area with a few other spots on the rump.

Length 200 cms
Girth 172 cms
Front legs 152 cms
Back legs 209 cms
Sold in Australia

#53 As you will have been seeing, not all Belted Galloways skins come out with a belt. This one is one of those that is completely different. When we saw it in the paddock, we knew it would be quite striking and has what looks like stars on either side:-) It has medium length straight hair at the front and gets curly towards the rump.

Length 177 cms
Girth 146 cms
Front Legs 128 cms
Rear Legs 178 cms

Sold to the USA

#54 Another one of those not often seen Target hides. As it was just coming out of summer it has short hair. Very nice, sleek and eyecatching.

Length 196 cms
Girth 145 cms
Front legs 129 cms
Rear legs 194 cms
Sold in Australia

# 67 Damaged. This is a long curly haired Black and White Belted Galloway hide. It would have been glorious except for issues with the tanning process which resulted in hair loss on the belt The rest of the body is fantastic.

Length 153 cms
Girth 127 cms
Front legs 109 cms
Back legs 146 cms
Sold in Australia

'Sold Hides that aren't featured in the Hides in Homes - Slideshow'
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