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Bonnibelt Galloway Stud April 2022 thought
Bonnibelt Belted Galloway Stud is situated in what is classed as marginal agricultural land 5 minutes outside of Murray Bridge in South Australia, despite this the animals thrive and a small boutique business has been born.

What has resulted is the farmgate sales in Sides and Mixed Quarters of Belted Galloway Beef as well as the sales in Hides from these uniquely marked and docile animals. 2008 saw the start of their farmgate sales in Lambs.

An array of Bonnibelt Belted Galloway beef
Bonnibelt Belted Galloway split Hides display
Bonnibelt Belted Galloway Stud, calf, sheep and pet goat
Bonnibelt Belted Galloway Stud - calf in hiding
Background and About Us

Tony and Joanne originally bought 150 acres in 2001, 5 minutes outside the rural city of Murray Bridge and 1 hour from Adelaide in South Australia and wanted to put beef cattle on it.  Tony had been dealing with dairy and beef cattle since he could walk but South Australia was vastly different to the North Queensland country he was used to.    On doing extensive internet research, Tony found a site stating the top beef breeds.  The two top breeds classed as “excellent for eating quality” were the Highlanders and Belted Galloways.  We preferred naturally polled animals so we went with the Belted Galloways.  .......Read More
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Bonnibelt Belted Galloway Stud

Tony & Joanne Kreher

Enquiries Welcome – Phone: +61 421 365 197

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